Cloudpaging Player 9.3 has been released

Cloudpaging Player 9.3 has been released!

This releases contains numerous enhancements to Cloudpaging Player as well as bug fixes. 

Please see the release notes found in our Cloudpaging 9.3.0 - Player Release Notes article for a full list, including detailed information on the many improvements made in Cloudpaging Player 9.3.0.

  • Improved application upgrade process We’ve improved our application upgrade process to seamlessly deliver upgrades without unnecessary user interaction. Applications will be automatically upgraded based on the policies determined by the administrator. This, in conjunction with the reduced notifications improvement, provides a smooth end-user experience.

  • Reduced user prompts Beginning with version 9.3.0, we are leveraging Windows Notification Center to display notifications for Cloudpaging Player minimizing the need of user

    interactions. We’ve made improvements to notifications that are displayed during application provisioning, deprovisioning and upgrades. We will continue with our improvements for other areas in future versions of the Cloudpaging Player.

  • PowerShell support for CAEs The Cloudpaging Player now supports native PowerShell scripts for Configurable AppEvents (CAEs) to allow for improved application configuration without showing command prompts.

  • Logging improvements We’ve integrated Cloudpaging Player’s log output with the Windows Event Viewer. Administrators can use the Event Viewer’s search and filter options to make it easier to troubleshoot on managed environments like VDI. Improvements were also made to log levels and log messages to help quickly identify issues and misconfigurations.

  • New GPOs for VDI environments Additional Group Policy Objects (GPO) were added to aid the management of Cloudpaging on VDI environments and reduce image management.

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