Cloudpaging Server 9.5 has been released

Cloudpaging Server 9.5 has been released!

This releases contains numerous features and enhancements to Cloudpaging Server as well as a few bug fixes. 

Please see the release notes attached to our Cloudpaging 9.5.0 - Server Release & Upgrade Notes article for a full list, including detailed information on the many improvements made in Cloudpaging Server 9.5.

  • Active Directory Integration Cloudpaging Server 9.5.0 now integrates with Microsoft Active Directory for user management. When creating a new user, a server administrator can choose to either create an internal user or a user in Active Directory.

  • Revamped Usage Report The Reports section has gone through an overhaul. Application and License Statistics reports have been removed based on customer feedback, and Usage Reports has been redesigned to include useful information for software asset management. The report now combines currently active usage and previous usages for a more holistic view of how the software is being used.
  • Enhanced Chain Upgrade Workflow We’ve improved user experience for an upgrade chain. If an administrator configures a chain upgrade such as an upgrade from version 1 to 2, and an upgrade from version 2 to 3, user currently using version 1 will directly upgrade to version 3, skipping the upgrade to version 2.

  • Redesigned Server Dashboard Cloudpaging Server Dashboard has been redesigned to include information on product license key usage. The Server Log has been removed and all corresponding logs are now written to the server log file (core_service.log). The dashboard will also show an important reminder as a banner such as when a product license key is nearing expiration date.

  • Updated Product License Key Format In Cloudpaging Server 9.5.0, we have updated the product license key format to make it easier for customers to understand the product license content. Cloudpaging Server 9.5.0 continues to support older product license key format.

  • PowerShell Module for Server Administration Cloudpaging Server administrators now have the option to manage the virtual application deployments using PowerShell. The Cloudpaging Server PowerShell module allows administrators to control the application deployments, license policies, upgrade policies, sessions, and view system configuration.

  • Windows Server 2022 Support Starting with Cloudpaging Server 9.5.0, we now officially support running the server on Windows Server 2022.