Section 1: General

What is Cloudpaging?

Cloudpaging is a foundational technology framework and represents our vision to transform native software delivery, deployment and provisioning from the Cloud. If you would like to learn more about our Cloudpaging technology, please visit our website at

How can I benefit from Cloudpaging technology?

With Cloudpaging technology, you don't have to download and install any Windows-based applications. You can use native applications instantly with just a few clicks. The applications delivered by our Cloudpaging technology will never conflict with your locally installed applications and you can run them side-by-side. It's completely friction-free!

What is Cloudpaging CDN?

Cloudpaging CDN is a multi-tenant platform hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and provides a global footprint with a fully integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network). Cloudpaging CDN is built on Numecent's groundbreaking Cloudpaging technology. It enables ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to deliver their inventory of applications from the Cloud -- piracy and friction-free -- with optional subscription and without any changes to their source code.

Additional benefits of Cloudpaging CDN include:

  • Easy On-Boarding for ISVs to rapidly Cloudify and optionally "SaaSify" their inventory.
  • Web-Scale, Elastic & Global to reach a worldwide audience effortlessly.
  • Web APIs for rapid integration with Web-services such as e-Commerce or CRM.
  • License Virtualization for Subscriptions requiring no engineering changes.
  • Drastically Reduced Piracy helping ISVs to increase their revenues.
  • Friction-Free Trial or Beta Programs for better conversion rates.
  • Transparent Updates or Patches for better user experience.
  • Delivery to Physical or Virtual Desktop for tapping into new markets.
  • Self-Hosting Option allowing ISVs to leverage their existing IT infrastructure.

What types of software can Cloudpaging CDN deliver?

All Windows-based applications can be delivered by Cloudpaging CDN.

Section 2: Cloudpaging CDN Portal (CCDN)

What browsers are supported when accessing the Cloudpaging CDN portal?

Our Cloudpaging CDN portal is browser-friendly and it works on any modern browsers with JavaScript support, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

How do I change or recover my password?

To change or recover your password, please go to the Cloudpaging CDN login page and click the reset password link.

How do I report issues and get help?

If you are previewing Cloudpaging CDN for the very first time, you can send us an email at; if you encounter any issues with Cloudpaging technology via Cloudpaging CDN, you can submit a support ticket with our support team here.

Can I run multiple applications concurrently?

Yes, you can run multiple cloudpaged applications at the same time.

Can I run applications without an internet connection?

Yes, you can run applications offline if your application license supports offline mode. Please see the Cloudpaging CDN Admin Guide for more information about how to work offline.

If I am the Independent Software Vendor (ISV), can Cloudpaging CDN cloudify and deliver my software to my customers?

Yes, Cloudpaging CDN is an instant enabler for ISVs, large and small, who want to monetize their inventory now - with or without subscription. ISVs can rapidly cloudify and optionally "SaaSify" their Microsoft Windows-based applications and deliver them from the Cloudpaging CDN platform almost instantly, with zero installation on client devices. If you would like to see if you are qualified for Cloudpaging technology, please contact us at

Section 3: Cloudpaging Player

What software do I need to install in my machine?

Before you can use any application from Cloudpaging CDN, you will need to install the Cloudpaging Player onto your machine. The Player is a client tool that works with other parts of Cloudpaging CDN system so that you can launch Windows applications directly without downloading and installing them.

How to install the Player? Is it easy to uninstall or upgrade?

To install the Player, please log into the Cloudpaging CDN portal and click "Download Numecent Player" button. This will download a Windows Installer for you. Just like any other Windows application you may have installed, installing the Player is completely hassle-free. You can also completely uninstall or upgrade the Player from your Windows' Control Panel.

What are the system requirements for Cloudpaging Player?

The Player itself is a lightweight client tool and requires very little system resources. However, depending on the applications you are running, we recommend the following requirements for your machine:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Storage Space: 10 GB free space
  • Internet Connection: Yes

How do I run applications?

This depends on the content packaging, however in most cases you can double click the application in the player or select the shortcut icon in Windows that would normally be used to launch the application.

How can I remove an application? Is it completely removed from my machine?

To remove unwanted applications, single click on the application in the Player and simply click the Remove button in your Player. This will remove the application completely and gracefully, just like you never had the application at all.

Is there any private information collected?

No, we don't collect any private information from you or your machine.

Where is my data (e.g., .doc files) saved?

Your data will be saved on your Windows system as normal. Cloudpaging CDN leaves your data where it is today. We don't force your data into the Cloud.