To ensure that our customers receive the best assistance, please send in the following items when submitting a ticket request to Numecent Support:

  • User environment information (Operating System, version of Cloudpaging product, etc.).

  • Detailed description of the issue, including step-by-step instructions on what led up to the issue.

  • Screenshots of any error messages.

  • Log files for the component having the issue.

Component Specific Logs

Each component, Cloudpaging Server, Cloudpaging Studio, and Cloudpaging Player all have their own log files. Here are instructions on out to collect each:

Cloudpaging Player - this can be accessed via Player user interface by opening Player and navigating to File > Options > Log > View Log. Alternately, they can be found in the path C:\Program Data\Endeavors Technologies\StreamingCore\Log\StreamingCore.log. The following script can be used to gather all this information:

Cloudpaging Server - The log files are located under the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Numecent\Application Jukebox Server\core\logs. Please send everything in the “logs” folder by zipping them up to send in one file.

Cloudpaging Studio - The appset will contain the workspace information and logs, please provide the .STP file to our secure FTP site. If more advanced logs are needed, please see