In order to be used, the Cloudpaging system requires a product license key, which can be obtained from Numecent. The product key restricts how the Cloudpaging product can be used inside your environment. Please contact your Numecent sales representative to discuss licensing options.

In order to obtain a product license key, you must send Numecent specific information on the server environment. The request must specify:

  • IP Address: The IP Address(s) of the database(s). If an IP address is used to connect to the database then only that IP address needs to be specified in the product license key. If a DNS name is used to connect to the database then all IPs available to the DNS name should be specified in the product license key. 

    Example scenarios:
    • For Mirrored Databases, each Server Instance IP address is needed.
    • For Always On (FCI) Failover Cluster Instances (single and multi-subnet), all IPs addresses that are assigned to the SQL Server Network Name are needed.
    • For Always On (AG) availability groups (single and multi-subnet), all IP addresses that are assigned to the availability group listener are needed.

  • Logical DNS Name: The IP address(s) or DNS Name(s) of the Cloudpaging Servers or Load-balanced switch. Any combination of the following is allowed:
    • IP addresses (e.g.,
    • Server FQDN (e.g.,
    • Domain Wildcard (e.g. *
    • Load-Balanced switch (e.g.

Please send this information using the attached "Product Key Request Form.docx" to License Key Requests.

Our team will return to you a product license key containing this information, along with the licensing terms you have selected. For questions about pricing and licensing options, please contact the Numecent Sales team.

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