Applies to: Cloudpaging

With the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft introduced Windows as a service (, also referred to as Evergreen, to constantly maintain and improve the operating system. This new service eliminated the need for upgrading to new Windows versions, but also means that large changes can be made to the current Window 10 system. These changes are made available in “preview” builds prior to being deployed via Windows Updates.

Numecent continuously tests against each Windows 10 preview build to ensure the Cloudpaging Player has no compatibility issues prior to the release of the next Windows 10 update. If any issues are identified, they will be fixed and a notification will be communicated from our Support team.>

  • Which Windows 10 versions (1709, 1803, etc…) are officially supported by Numecent?
    Microsoft generally releases updates twice a calendar year on a semi-annual channel. Numecent will support the versions which are serviced by Microsoft (
  • How long will the old versions be supported?
    While most older versions of Windows 10 will continue to work with the Numecent products, the older versions will not have official support from Numecent after the end of service policy from Windows 10. (
  • How quickly will the new versions be supported? 
    In general, all products will be ready by the time of the Windows 10 update is released. If there is an issue, Numecent will ensure that all products are verified to work with the newest Windows 10 update within 1-month from the Microsoft’s official general availability date.