Cloudpaging Studio 9.3 has been released

Posted about 2 years ago by Kyle Goebel

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Kyle Goebel
Kyle Goebel Admin

Cloudpaging Studio 9.3 has been released!

This releases contains numerous features and enhancements to Cloudpaging Studio as well as a few bug fixes. 

Please see the release notes attached to our Cloudpaging 9.3.0 - Studio Release Notes article for a full list, including detailed information on the many improvements made in Cloudpaging Studio 9.3.

  • Create a metadata XML file as part of the Cloudification process

  • Extended Search to include filter for disposition

  • Improve output format of AIB file export log for Studio CLI
  • Added auto-saving temporary projects after a capture and removed the requirements to save before capture

  • Windows services can now be added as a security override based on the service name

  • High Contrast Support for Studio UI

  • Native support for CAEs using PowerShell scripts  

  • Support for Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11

  • Auto detect print spooler restart during merge and set corresponding virtualization setting accordingly

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