Cloudpaging Server 9.7 released

Posted 11 months ago by Kyle Goebel

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Kyle Goebel
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Cloudpaging Server 9.7 released!

In this version of Cloudpaging Server and Enterprise Portal, the primary focus was implementing new features into Enterprise Portal. We are excited to introduce a brand-new Single Sign-on (SSO) feature using SAML 2.0 authentication and the ability to integrate with multiple Active Directory domains. SAML 2.0 authentication will allow Enterprise Portal users to log in without providing credentials when an Identity Provider (IdP), such as Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) or Okta, is used. Integration to multiple Active Directory domains will allow Enterprise Portal to support more complex Active Directory configurations, including those that utilize cross-forest domain. We also spent a lot of time and effort fixing Cloudpaging Server bugs and addressing support issues reported by customers. 

Please see the release notes attached to our Cloudpaging 9.7.0 - Server Release & Upgrade Notes article for a full list, including detailed information on the improvements made in Cloudpaging Server 9.7.

  • Single Sign-On using SAML Enterprise Portal now allows SSO using SAML authentication. Administrators can configure integrations with Identity Providers such as ADFS and Okta. Once configured, users can log in by simply clicking on the new Login with SSO button.

  • Connecting to Multiple Active Directories Enterprise Portal Active Directory integration has been improved by allowing connectivity to multiple Active Directory domains, giving administrators flexibility when working with large and complex AD structures.

  • Overhaul to database access layer Cloudpaging Server connections and access to the database have been revised and enhanced to optimize performance while keeping Java heap memory usage lower.

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