Cloudpaging Studio 9.4 released

Posted 5 months ago by Kyle Goebel

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Kyle Goebel
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Cloudpaging Studio 9.4 released!

In this latest update to Cloudpaging Studio, we enhanced the packaging experience by introducing the all-new "Shortcuts" tab within Studio, allowing seamless addition, removal, or modification of application shortcuts inside a Numecent container. We also added a new compression algorithm that can accelerate deployments, especially those in VDI environments, between 10x to 100x. To further simplify the packaging process, we have expanded the automation capabilities and added more commands to the command-line interface within Studio. This release also includes fixes for bugs and directly addressed customer-reported support issues. This document shows a curated selection of features and enhancements made in this release.

Please see the release notes attached to our Cloudpaging 9.4.0 - Studio Release Notes article for a full list, including detailed information on the improvements made in Cloudpaging Studio 9.4.


Shortcuts Management Tab 
The new Shortcuts tab in Studio makes it easy to manage (add, delete, modify, exclude) application shortcuts on user Desktops and Start Menus. The new shortcuts tab will also highlight any potential issue, providing a quick way to configure the command line setting.

LZ4 Compression

Studio now supports a newer compression type called “LZ4”. While the compression ratio is not as small as LZMA, LZ4 decompression speeds are between 10x to 100x faster. This is useful for multi-source and precache use cases where latency and storage are not a concern relative to application performance.

Automation and CLI Enhancements

Numecent is committed to making packaging applications simple and straightforward. Numerous enhancements have been implemented to expand application packaging automation capabilities and seamlessly integrate command-line operations within Cloudpaging Studio. This includes the ability to add specific files or registry keys when automated packaging, improving error messages, and fixing various defects. In addition, Cloudpaging Studio can now output key information about an appset and extract appsets via CLI for quick analysis.

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