Numecent welcomes all feedback about our products. If you have a specific feature or enhancement that you feel will benefit our product offering, please feel free to submit a proposal to us. Our product management team will evaluate all requests and add news items to our roadmap backlog. 

In order to help understand and prioritize all request, please fill out the attached change request document that describes the feature or enhancement in detail. The following information should be provided:

  • Background - A general description to help our team better understand the request, including use cases.
  • Problem - A description of the problem that is being solved by making the change and steps to recreate the scenario.
  • Proposal - If you have a proposal for how the solution should be implemented, in high level detail, then please describe.
  • Impact - An understanding of how by making this change your business, or the industry, would be affected. Such as feature X will allow for expanding the use cases.

NOTE - Not all change requests that are accepted onto the roadmap will be implemented according to the proposal. Numecent reserves the right to design features as will be best for the product and all parties involved.